What would you choose for your Security Monitoring Needs?

Using DVR for security is a digital replacement of a VCR. It has been a great tool for business security video monitoring. However, it took several years in the development of this innovative technology. It was a significantly long time that invention of IP cameras became a new mode for providing high-tech safety and security for businesses. Network Video Recorders or NVRs have been used for recording the videos captured by the cameras. It did not take time for several businesses to find this technology highly impractical for video surveillance needs.

A majority of technicians appreciated the ease of installation process, but they needed to configure the multiple IP addresses along with the ports for video streaming. However, the end users were also of the opinion that NVR recording was subject to congested networks, intermittent outages and packet losses. However, you would come across some essential reasons that various technicians would recommend DVR for home and business security management needs.

DVR or NVR for security management

Amongst the biggest priorities for security providers or business owners has been the ability for accessing the security videos remotely. They would like to have the benefit of viewing live and recorded video feeds of the security cameras. The security team would be able to handle the needs of the people with pro-grade DVRs having RVM or Remote Video Monitoring. The DVR technology for your security needs would enable you to view recorded videos along with view live video feeds from any remote location worldwide. The biggest difference between usage of DVR and NVR for your security needs would be the manner how everyone connects the cameras to the recorders. The Hikvision dvr back door could be handled competently as compared to NVR systems.

Major differences between DVR and NVR

Find below some of the major differences between DVR and NVR for your perusal.

  • While using DVR, cameras would be connected to the recorder using the cables.
  • Most contemporary DVR security systems have been hybrids. This implies they would be efficient regardless you making use of networked cameras or analog cameras.
  • DVR has been relatively more versatile than NVR.
  • DVR system has been easier to install than NVR.
  • DVR has been easy to interface with already available equipment as compared to NVR.
  • NVR requires cameras to be connected with the recorder by using network connections.

The NVR systems would make use of analog cameras. However, it would need fitting the analog cameras with network interface modules and cards.