What Are the Features of привнот?

Привнот is a very popular web service that is used by millions of people daily from all parts of the world. The main function of this site is that it allows sending private messages to others with the help of a link that gets destructed on its own once the receiver opens the link and reads the message. But this is the most common feature of this site. There are a few other features that not people know or heard of. Let us discuss what those other features are-

Some Features of привнот

  • As mentioned earlier, привнот is one of the most renowned web services where you can create your own message for the people to read with no fear of getting your information leaked.
  • A person can only view the message once. If anyone tries to open the link more than one time, the message will not appear. It gets self-destructed after the link is opened once.
  • The messages remain private and only within the sender and the receiver. No one else will get access to it.
  • All the services provided by привнот are completely free of cost. You do not have to pay any money for creating your message and getting the link.
  • You can share the link on any messaging app but the most preferred place of sharing the link is in email.
  • Even if you by mistake share the link of the message with more than one person or with someone whom you do not want to share the link with, you can destroy the link on your own. Just be a little fast when you realize your mistake and try to do it before he opens the link. Be a little more cautious from the next time onwards.
  • Besides money, this website does not require any log-ins through an account and there is no need to sign up. No password is also needed for creating a message here. You can give a temporary password only if you want to.
  • You can also see the time when a receiver opens the link and sees your message. For that, you have to provide your email address.
  • You can also control the amount of time and duration for which the link to the message will work. Once the duration is over, the link will get destroyed automatically.

These are a few features regarding привнот. It is a private web service and is a very safe place. You can access it from most of the countries. However, it is always advised to check the terms and policies of this website before proceeding further. Also, check if привнот policies match with the government guidelines of your country. In many countries, where this web service is banned, people use VPNs to get access to this website. Beware of the fact that many other fake and unsafe sites claim to be similar to that of привнот but there is only one verified site of Privnote and that is