What are police checks and what is your right in this regard?

Have you ever applied on a position and been asked to provide the prospective employer with a police force check clearance certificate? Well, this is a quite common practice in Australia and employers ask for the clearance certificate before giving any position in their organization. In this article, we will discuss three most important points in this regard, namely:

  • What are the national police checks and clearance certificate?
  • Why are organizations keen to know the criminal background of prospective employees?
  • What are the rights of prospective employees in this regard?

If you are such a candidate who has been asked to provide with the national clearance certificate, you must know your rights in this behalf and should apply for the clearance certificate with a reputable agent only. There are multiple online agents present in the market and you must know the qualities of a good agent before you pursue. A good agent will always provide you with the fastest speed of providing a clearance certificate.

What is police check?

Police check is a short term used for national police check which is performed to check the criminal background of a person for several reasons. If you are applying for a job, or are desirous of getting a license, you will be required to get the clearance certificate from police in order to pursue with your objective. There could be several reasons why a person might need a clearance certificate and you must pick the proper category before applying for it.

Why do organizations ask for criminal background check?

There could be several reasons why organizations would ask for a criminal background check. It is a good practice if an organization is asking for a criminal background check. If this is the policy of an organization, you will find yourself at peace in working with such an entity because this will provide you with a healthy culture and safety. Following are the main reasons why organizations ask for criminal background check.

  • To ensure that they are hiring the person with perfect credentials and no criminal background. To confirm that their culture of organization will remain stable.
  • To protect their existing employees and maintain an equilibrium in the organization.
  • To maintain the reputation of their organization in the market.

What are the rights of prospective employees?     

It is only required to submit the clearance certificate to those organizations who are legally bound to check the clearance certificate of prospective employees. By law, no person is allowed to see and check the criminal history of another person unless it is advised in legal stature. If you are asked to provide with police check clearance certificate, you must check your rights and should disclose the information if it is required by law. You must always know your rights before proceeding and should always confirm that you are not giving your personal details to agents who are not reputable.