Shopping For The Right Knife 101

There are so many styles of knives that probably not everyone is aware of. But when it comes to the OTF knives, well certainly it is not just random knives that are being discussed. OTF is the short form used for knives called out from the front. In the era of the internet, those who are looking forward to buying the collection of a butterfly knife and OTF knife can certainly get the best of the options at a great deal online.

Whether a butterfly knife is interesting or an OTF knife, before shopping for such styles, it is always good to get educated about it. Talking of which OTF knives come with the concealed blade and can be folded within the handle. But that does not mean that all knives that have blades going inside the handle are OTF. This knife is categorized into certain types.

  • Knives straight from the top:

This knife works in the same manner as OTF but it has one major difference which is the blades will come out from the top even if they are sheathed in the handle.

  • Side Opening Knives

Another knife that can be considered for purchase is the side opening one. It is a folder that has the spring assistance that ensures the blade gets deployed but from the handle side.

  • Spring Assisted OTF

Similar to the side opening knives operation, for this OTF pattern the user needs to give fingers gentle force to open the slide. Usually, the blade position in the natural pattern will be closed.

Tips on shopping for the right knife:

It does not matter whether patterns like butterfly knives or OTF knives can be a great collection for the knife enthusiast. If it is not chosen rightly, it will not be of any use. The knives can be shopped not just for being attractive but for being practical too. People use this type of knife for slicing meat, cutting, and even opening containers. Other aspects that should be considered are:

  • Safety:

While buying the OTF knife make sure it has been crafted in a manner that cannot harm the user while operating it. It should be controlled by the user easily.

  • Reliability:

This is another important aspect to keep in mind while shopping for such a collection. Such knives are designed to withstand harsh conditions. But if budget and quality are what the user has been looking for then options of rubber and plastic knives can be economical and best used in regular living.

  • Sharpness:

When it comes to OTF knives’ sharpness, well nothing can be comforted with it. That is why, look for the reviews where the users must have given their opening on how the blades are providing results whether preparing for a meal, using it for self-defense, or cutting the ropes.


While shopping for different knives before the butterfly knife or the OTF knives make sure it is worth the investment. It should be sturdy, multipurpose, and has enough strength that it looks value for money. Choosing a pricey piece should not cause any regrets later.