Quality Cable Supplier

Sycor Technology is a Canadian-based company that provides quality cables, wires and related products to a worldwide clientele, which it has been doing since its founding in 1981. One of the ways that it most impresses its customers is by its ability to manufacture cables that can withstand tremendously stressful conditions such as ones involving extremely hot or cold temperatures and being placed amidst a mixture of dangerous chemicals.

Cables for Automation

Another cabling challenge involves automated machinery. Although these cables may not generally have to experience excessive temperatures, factory conditions can be hazardous in other ways. Also, the repeated full-range-of-motion flexing causes specific stresses to cables that this cable supplier overcomes as cables being able to continue to work with zero to minimal disruptions is an important concern for its clients.

Markets Served

Sycor understands the varied needs of companies from a wide variety of fields and knows how to meet those. It also manufactures custom cables and wires as there are repeated occasions when a need cannot be met by what is already stocked in Sycor’s extensive inventory. The types of markets that Sycor serves with products in its inventory as well as custom-made ones range from broadcast and entertainment to solar energy and from the oil and gas industry to medical and emergency service