Make wise choices at Vetsend and learn before you preach

I want a cat. Or would you prefer a dog, hamster or guinea pig? If your child wants a pet, you should think twice about whether it really is such a good idea. It is only from the age of four that your child develops the ability to put itself in other living beings, the classic compassion or empathy. Ideally, and only if empathetic feelings and actions are also trained, your child will be ready by the age of around six to take care of an animal responsibly. Unfortunately, more and more children are currently losing compassion for others or do not develop it because they are raised incorrectly or not at all. You don’t get any reflections on your actions and should experience everything by trying it out. But that’s exactly what animals are unsuitable for. Roughly speaking, children can regularly take on small tasks when feeding fish or birds. You can trust them to clean enclosures for turtles, rabbits, guinea pigs or even mice. Children can take care of their “own” small animal as a pet. They are actually only really mature for their own cat or even a dog at a young age.

Learn about the stuff that needs attention at Vetsend

So if you decide to have a pet, it is best for the adults to bear the main responsibility and make the important decisions, such as veterinary treatments or the purchase of enclosures or accessories. The children get duties and tasks in the daily care and supervision of the pet. Considering all this, think about all the things you might require buying for your pet. It can be food, play toys, it can also be a sweater vest or some collars. It can be food bowls or any other training material. Vetsend is an amazing website. It has a wide variety of things that are available in the market. You can buy them online. Vetsend is your pet shop only online.

Let your kids learn how to be around other animals too

Before you buy your pet, you should check carefully whether someone is allergic to cats, guinea pigs or rats. In an emergency, this can really become torture for those affected. Otherwise, children who grow up with animals at a very early age are actually better protected against allergies than others. Rushing to buy an animal and then bringing it back into the home or abandoning it is unfair and highly unethical. So show some love and kindness and let your kids have fun but also take into account all these things. And for all the necessaires, go to Vetsend!