Know The Trending SEO Strategies Ruling This Year

SEO is neither science nor a rocket science. You can call it a mind game if you agree with us. A process where you need to follow the footsteps of Google and implement your hard researched ideas and by combining the both- you can achieve the website rankings and retain it for long. Often people Google or ask experts whether they should upgrade the SEO strategies for Singapore or elsewhere regularly? Find your answer here.

Here, we have jotted some useful SEO strategies that are ruling this years’ market from the very beginning—

Mobile search and browsing optimization

Since October 2016, mobile has taken over the desktop searching with over 53.3 percent of the overall web browsing per research. Following to that in November 2016, Google launched mobile-first index and since then Google has started prioritizing the mobile sites more than that of the desktops. Therefore, to match with their expectations, you need to update the website and add more mobile-friendly attributes in the website for the ultimate UX and UI. Some experts are even saying that it is not the content that is going to make a big difference in enhancing the mobile optimization; rather the links will make the difference.

Optimizing for the voice search

You should focus more on optimizing the voice search more. Per a recent report from a dependable source, it has been confirmed that the voice search queries in the search engines have been increased 7x more since 2010. Thus, focusing on the voice search will help you get more traffic and win a better position in the search engines.

Use of shorter URLs is Trending

For years, the search engine optimizers have used the descriptive URLs for good rankings in the search engines. But in the recent past, the new trend of using shorter URLs has come in vogue. It is becoming more useful and easy to use for the SEO professionals. You must try to keep the primary keyword in the first few words of the URL and the total thing should not exceed more than five words.

Content priority

Content, considering the demands of Google should be to the point, relevant, no-fluffs and extremely likely for user-experience. Trend of longer content by linking more pages are adopted by SEO professionals. Use of relevant keywords is also in practice but the write-up must aim the purpose of the users more than getting more hits. Traffic will be pulled naturally by doing that.

Try these new ideas while strategizing for SEO.