Ken Julian Offers Pointers on Thrift Store Shopping for Men

The trend of thrift store shopping has been picking up pace consistently for all few years. People belonging to just about all walks of life engage in this shopping system to purchase merchandise at a much lower price than a typical retail store.  Ken Julian further points out that thrift stores are full of high-quality menswear, making it a great way for guys to fill up their wardrobe with stylish outfits, without having to empty their pockets. Thrift shopping additionally makes it feasible for guys to make a brand-new fashion statement almost every week, if they want.

Practice makes a man perfect is an extremely common phrase that can be applied to numerous activities, thrift shopping is one of them. Ken Julian says that even though a guy might feel overwhelmed at their first visit to a thrift store, over time they shall surely get better at making perfect purchases. To hone their skills, it is better that they try to at least acquire a rudimentary knowledge of men’s clothing. Getting to know the popular menswear brands and manufacturers better can be quite helpful in gauging the quality and value of outfits when shopping second-hand.

Here are some valuable thrift stores shopping hacks marked by Ken Julian:

  • Timing: Most people shop during the weekend, as they usually do not have to go to work on Saturdays and Sundays. As a result, thrift stores often have their hands quite full during the weekend. During the weekends, they often receive donations from many generous folks who use their free time to run errands. It subsequently takes thrift store stores a couple of days to process these donated goods and have them ready for sale. This basically means that the latest goodies are likely to be on the shelves by Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Moreover, many of these stores also take advantage of the holiday season and offer great discounts, including 50% off their items. The perfect time to shop can help people to purchase the best items at the lowest possible prices.
  • Visiting early: To get the chance to purchase the best items, a person should try to squeeze in some time for thrift shopping prior to getting to work. It will be even better if they manage to take the whole morning off. Visiting a thrift store during the non peak hours shall provide people with ample time to look around and effectively make smart purchases. The best part of visiting the stores early is that it shall enable the shoppers to take their sweet time to browse all sections of the store, unlike the peak hours where most goods get claimed and sold out in a flash.

In addition to the above two elements, it is also vital that people properly think about what exactly they are going to buy before stepping inside a thrift store.  Otherwise, they will unnecessarily waste time scouring for goods in the crowd.