Giving Your New Office Space A Thorough Cleaning Before Moving Into It

When moving into new offices for your business, it will take time before they are ready as you must fit them out to meet your requirements. It can get messy fitting out an office, and even after the workers clean up once the job is finished, it is still not clean enough to move your business operations into it. You will want to take some time to prepare everything and thoroughly clean it before moving in, and below are some tips to help you prepare for the task.

Getting Everything You Need To Clean

You will first need to start getting everything together that you will need to clean your office, and there are lots of things required for cleaning. You can create a list of everything required, and you will need to remember that there are probably no cleaning products in your new office. You will need things such as:

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Mop & Bucket
  • Toilet Brush
  • Bleach
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Dusters
  • Cloths
  • Cleaning Products
  • Air Freshener

Once you have all the surface cleaning products you need and everything else in one place, you can then move them to your new office and start cleaning.

Starting From The Top

When you begin cleaning your new office, you will want to start at the top and work your way down, which means you will need to start from the ceiling. You may need some step ladders to help you dust the ceiling and top of the walls and move down to the skirting boards in your office. Whatever room you start with, you will want to clean this way, as if you do the ceilings last, you will get dust all over your clean floors and other areas. The last thing you will want to clean in each room of the office is the floors, and when cleaning them, ensure you finish at the doorway, so you do not have to walk over your clean floors.

Begin With The Bathrooms & Kitchen

The best place to start your cleaning is in the kitchen and toilets of your office space and ensure these are suitable for use when your business moves into it. You will want to ensure that you use disinfectant in these areas, as they are often prone to germs and bacteria accumulating, which can make people sick. Once these areas are clean, you can move on to the rest of your office space.

Furthest Away From The Entrance

Once your toilets and kitchen are clean, you will want to start cleaning the rest of your office and begin at the point furthest away from the entrance. You can work towards the entrance, cleaning as you go, and finish when you get to the office door. You may still have cleaning products and your vacuum or step ladders that you need to remove from the office, but let the floors dry before retrieving them, so grab a coffee and wait. Once the floors are dry, you can remove everything from your office and move your office furniture in, getting ready to open it for business.