DreamHost VPS and Hosting Hosting Companies

Are you currently thinking about hosting your brand-new blog or website having a reliable website hosting company? DreamHost VPS, Dreampress 2 and also the DreamHost Hosting hosting companies might help provide your site the safety, speed and ease it deserves. The type of company that hosts your site has a means of figuring out what lengths your internet site is in a position to contend with the large shots and just how much traffic and cash you receive over time. With DreamHost, your internet site is certain to compete favorably using the big shots on the web.

Situated in Brea, California, DreamHost began by Josh Johnson, Sage Weil, Dallas Bethune and Michael Rodriguez. The organization premiered in 1996 and it has continued to be an excellent and reliable website hosting company for developers and entrepreneurs since. With three data centers in downtown LA, Ashburn (Virginia) and Irvine (California) within the Usa, with a cloud-computing platform, the problem of speed and knowledge security are handled effectively.

The corporation has already established to have a problem with some vital issues previously. Certainly one of individuals issues was the server downtime of 2006 which resulted from two outages in their data centers, and also the second was the hacking of the site in 2007 which led to about 700 websites accounts and FTP accounts owned by about 3500 sites being compromised. However, DreamHost appears to possess place the past solidly in it and therefore are now supplying quality, uninterrupted services for their customers. They’ve won laptop computer Mag’s Best Website Hosting Service for that second year consecutively. They have been hosting over 1,500,000 websites since 1997.

Why Choose DreamHost VPS and Hosting Hosting?

DreamHost has four major packages including Shared Web Hosting, DreamHost VPS hosting, DreamHost Dedicated server web hosting services, and DreamPress 2 Hosting mainly for WordPress websites and blogs. Let us briefly check out the 4 different hosting packages for you like a website owner.