Cremation diamonds : How long it takes to get one

Cremation diamonds are unique memorials for a loved one. Made from the ashes of a deceased person, cremation diamonds are a wonderful way to remember the loved one. The cremation process uses a unique method known as crucible, which takes several weeks to complete.

The cremation process uses graphite, a diamond seed crystal, and metal catalyst to create a rough diamond crystal. The crystal is then heated up in a diamond press until the desired size and shape are achieved.

There are many benefits of cremation diamonds. The ashes remain with the family for eternity. The traditional method of burial is a cemetery burial. During the ceremony, the family gathers to remember the deceased. Unfortunately, the cost of hosting a ceremony and renting burial space is very high. By transforming the ashes into a beautiful diamond, you can keep the ashes forever. The process is more environmentally-friendly and the ashes aren’t released into the air.

As a memorial, cremation diamonds can help with the grief process. They can serve as a reminder of a loved one and can be worn by mourners. Cremation diamonds are lab-created diamonds that cost up to ten times more than similar lab-created diamonds. While the price of cremation diamonds is high, the memories they evoke in the wearer are priceless. Alternatively, cremation diamonds can be set into jewelry.

A cremation diamond takes a few months to be created. The size of the diamond you choose will depend on the amount of ashes and hair you send. Typically, it takes about three months for a small diamond, while a larger one (around one ct) can take up to eight months.

A single cremation diamond requires approximately 200 g of ashes and 10 grams of hair. If you are ordering a cremation diamond from the US, you will have to send your ashes to their US branch office, which they will then use to produce the memorial. In exchange for your deposit, they will create a cremation diamond for you.

Be sure to give the instructions for ordering a cremation diamond a careful read before placing your order. You can expect to receive monthly updates from the company regarding the progress made on your diamond. You can even establish a legacy project in the name of your cherished one to carry on their legacy.

These diamonds can be fashioned into heirlooms that pass down family history and tell the storey of the person’s life. The lowest price available is $2,900, and the price goes up from there. In addition, the company will provide you with regular updates regarding the transformation of the ashes of a loved one into a precious stone.

Diamonds used in cremation can come in a variety of colours in addition to the traditional colourless variety. There is the traditional white diamond, as well as yellow-green and orange-green diamonds that can be purchased.

On the other hand, if you prefer a design that is one-of-a-kind, you have the option of selecting a memorial diamond that is exclusive to your deceased loved one. The history of a loved one can also be engraved on one of these diamonds in a personalised way. The jeweller will even carve the name of your loved one into the rim of the diamond for you at no additional cost.