Costs of hiring a maid in Asia

外傭 can be very high and that is why it is important to only consider this option after considering all the options available to you. Costs range from food allowances/ food expenditures to medical insurance and monthly salary. A full-time, live-in domestic helper can be very expensive so you should only hire one after you have considered all the options available to you. You could settle for a part-time helper to avoid indebtedness or financial struggles if you can’t afford a full-time helper.

This article will provide you with adequate information on the various costs that you will incur when you decide to hire a full-time foreign domestic worker, FDW.

Upfront costs

There are several costs involved in hiring an FDW that you will need to incur upfront before you can have the helper in your household. However, before you incur any of those expenses, you will need to decide whether you want to hire the FDW through an employment agency or by yourself. Doing the hiring yourself does not only save you money, but also gives you the most suitable worker that your home needs.

Some of the upfront costs that you will incur include work permit application fee, work permit issuance fee, pre-employment medical examination, air transport, transport from the airport to the house, employment agency fee, and all expenses the worker may incur in their home country in preparation to flying to your country among others.

Recurring costs

After incurring the initial costs, there are certain recurring costs that you will incur for the entire duration the worker will be in your household. The first expense will be a monthly expense. Most countries place a minimum amount of money you can pay your FWD per month for the entire duration of their contract. You will also have to pay medical insurance for the FWD together with a monthly levy for hiring a maid. This expenditure will depend with the country you are located in. you can choose to provide food for the worker in your own home or you can choose to provide them with a monthly food allowance so that they can get their own food. Most countries usually choose to make the maid part of their own families out of love for them or because they want to save some money.

There are also several miscellaneous costs that you will incur because of the maid including travelling to the market and other places and basic necessities. You may also be required to provide allowances and payable leave.

Part-time vs. full-time maids

In most countries in Asia, you can only hire a worker on a part-time basis if the worker is a citizen in that country. If you want an FDW, you will need to hire them on a full-time basis. Part-time workers are usually the easiest and cheapest option if you need someone to just clean your house or other chores that you don’t need done on a daily basis, but then there is always the question of citizenship. If you choose to go with a full-time employer, you will have to pay for their work permit.